There's no doubt that Drake is a generous guy, especially when it comes to friends.

On Tuesday, DJ Khaled took to Instagram to show off a massive, iced-out pendant he recently received from Drizzy. The custom piece features the OVO owl mascot as well as a key and lion, both of which are references to popular Khaled catchphrases. Fans may have seen Drake rocking a similar pendant in Khaled's newly released "Popstar" video, starring Justin Bieber.

"Thank you so much. This gift means to much to me," Khaled said in the Instagram video. "... Khaled and Drake. Drake and Khaled. It's also special when we connect ... Fully iced-out. It's so heavy, the quality. Look at the owl, look at the lion, look at the key ... Drake was wearing one, now I got one. It's called brothers. Drake, thank you so much for your friendship. This is beautiful."

Drake has a reputation of blessing his friends and former collaborators with extravagant pendants. He previously gave Khaled and his son, Asahd, a pair of diamond keys; gifted ASAP Rocky a diamond ASAP Yams pendant; and reportedly bought Jennifer Lopez a $100,000 diamond necklace.