You Must Create continues taking subcultural references to their design core, seeing them spotlight early 80s post-punk for SS20. 

Homing in on Britain's rich history boundary-pushing music aligned with culture-shaping fashion, YMC's Spring/Summer 2020 collection views subcultural influence as a rich tapestry, taking a specific focus to the post-punk fashion that shaped the early 80s. YMC pays homage to this standout era through the incorporation of militaristic design cues and rich pattern finishes. Shaking up the apparel lineup is a series of mismatched tartan, floral embroidery, camouflage, and punk-inspired zip detailing that offers a refined, sophisticated take on army surplus. 

Take a look at selects from the YMC Spring/Summer 2020 collection below, and shop the delivery now via their online store.

All Images via YMC





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