Wood Wood brings their European success full circle as they return home for an Autumn/Winter 2020 showcase at Copenhagen Fashion Week. 

Framing themselves within the grand outdoors, Wood Wood kept an energetic nature of exploration close to heart as they presented their Autumn/Winter 2020 collection. Developed by the design team as an expansion of Jules Verne’s depiction of the Earth and the universe in Voyages Extraordinaires, looks within the full collection sit deeply rooted in nature while keeping close footing to urban landscapes. Presented as a full sensory experience, the show began with flavours and scents from Copenhagen Distillery, followed up by a musical performance from When Saints Go Machine that set the tone for the apparel to follow. Practically remained a core element of the collection, established through reference to army and navy surplus, and bolstered by brushed wools and heavyweight twill. As expected from a late seasonal offering, outerwear plays an important role, with utilitarian designs adapted for modular styles, such as the all-weather arctic parka in stark white. 

Before the show, Karl-Oskar Olsen, Co-Founder of Wood Wood commented: "After being on the official schedule in Milan and London for the last four seasons, we felt the time was right for a return to our roots and where it all began for Wood Wood seventeen years ago. Wood Wood has always strived to be an international brand, and we’ve always represented Copenhagen. What the city reflects, it’s what our core DNA stands for, quality, creativity and attitude. We’re glad to see that Copenhagen Fashion Week has evolved alongside the city and put us up there as an extraordinary week of the season. We have the best design and production team we could ask for, and we’re very excited to show everyone what we’ve been working on the past six months, we’re super proud of the whole team behind our brand."

Take a closer look at the standout looks from Wood Wood's Autumn/Winter 2020 runway show below, and shop their latest products via their online store

All Images via Wood Wood