Sampaix once again rises to the surface with a refined edge, setting the standard for essential apparel pieces. 

If you've kept a keen eye on the underground rising stars of the streetwear scene, you'd certainly be familiar with the name Sampaix. The brainchild of Jared Knight; Sampaix found life in Paris' 10th Arrondissement on Rue Lucien Sampaix in 2015, with humble beginnings as a passion project centred on experimentation and high-quality craftsmanship. These foundations have remained central to the brand's direction since conception, year-on-year seeing the small in-house team push their boundaries to the point of excellence. Their approach is marked in simplicity but executed with an acute level of finesse, offering contemporary takes on classic silhouettes using the highest quality textiles.

The start of a new decade welcomes new beginnings for Sampaix as they undergo their first steps into womenswear and tailoring, highlighting the constant refining and development of their formative years. Alongside their mainline, Sampaix is also set to deliver their sister brand with AAOCCKAAC - An Assortment Of Clothes Commonly Known As A Collection - that will deliver core sportswear essentials. While there will be a clear distinction between the apparel lines hailing from each brand, the design approach, quality, and intricate details across all products will ensure they retain the brand's unmistakable signature. 

Experience Sampaix/AAOCCKAAC in the Parisian editorial shot by Luis Cross and selection of lookbook images below. Mark your calendars for new product set to hit the Sampaix online store on February 27th. 

All Images via Sampaix