After launching at ComplexCon Long Beach - the highly coveted Kaikai Kiki Merch is available via the Complex SHOP.

Known to captivate creatives with his anime approach to art and signature “superflat” technique, the world-renowned artist continues his longstanding collaboration with Complex. Murakami has the lens and he is known for merging high and low, whether he’s designing a Kanye West album cover or Mr. DOB canvas artwork. Murakami previously collaborated Issey Miyake on reversible jackets and pants long before he met Marc Jacobs in 2002 when Jacobs was Louis Vuitton’s creative director and started his long-lasting collaboration with the fashion brand on multicolored  monogram handbags and accessories. Since ComplexCon's inception in 2016, Murakami has been heavily involved as an art director and created a series of new pieces that feature his signature Kaikai Kiki characters alongside his mesmerizing 'Flowers' motifs.

In case you've missed the madness in Long Beach, California, here's your chance to lock down some ComplexCon exclusives. The lineup ranges from Flower Plush pillows ($140-$3,500); to Skate Decks ($400); artwork ($600); and the Murakami book ($125).

Head over to the SHOP and secure your favorite collectibles.

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