Step into the deep end and face your fears with Mar Azul as they rise the streetwear ranks. 

There is no denying that pop-cultural media has portrayed one of nature's greatest predators as a villain, from the iconic Jaws franchise to the comically forgettable The Meg, Great White Sharks have been a constant icon of fear. It is this same sense of fear that has been adopted and remixed by Mar Azul by Blue-Seas, looking instead at the beasts raw strength in reference to our own untapped potential. 

Following the brand's relaunch in 2017, they set out on a mission to deliver iconic moments through their new direction, realised through a series of exciting graphic prints developed on inspirational foundations. The first collection to follow the relaunch was titled "Vendetta" which honed in on attacking perceived failures and internal feelings of doubt with a vengeance. This message was all about taking control of every situation life throws at you, in turn inspiring the direction of the collection's followup titled "Ocean's Rage". For the second delivery, Mar Azul drove home the shark imagery, taking the creature's image as a symbol of the individual's power and limitless potential. Each of these collections has carried a strong message at its core, brought to life via a key selection of short and long sleeve tees, hooded sweats, outerwear, and a unique take on the choker necklace. 

Take a closer look at a selection of products from Mar Azul below, and head over to the brand's online store to shop their current rotation. 

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