Barena returns to their expansive fabric archive to deliver Archivio 1993, delivering contemporary design with a truly vintage feel. 

Developed as a showcase of Barena's core elements, the Archivio 1993 collection acts as a narrative through time, marked by an exploration of their wide-ranging fabric archive that calls their Venetian studio home. Built using what is essentially physical pieces of the brand's history, each apparel line within the collection is comprised of "finepezza" (deadstock) fabrics, ranging from the 60s to the 90s, and the early 00s. While the physical presence of Berena's history within the lineup is impressive on its own, the brand's decision to produce the full apparel range at independent, family-owned factories within a few miles of Venice roots the collection even deeper. 

On an aesthetic level Archivio 1993 focuses on traditional workwear, built on a rich fabric palette, with a modern design approach that essentially merges past and present. The intertwining of timelines runs parallel to the environments for which the clothing is suited, with street, business, and pleasure all accounted for through the line's contempoary approach. 

Escape to Mirano with the Barena Archivio 1993 lookbook below. Stay up to date with upcoming releases, and shop the current Barena product selection via their online store

All Images via Barena