Luxury essentials have a new face in the form of KAAN AMJAD, beckoning the rise of fashion with Earth and humanity at its heart. 

There has been a worldwide call for the leaders of the fashion industry to take up the mantle of responsibility to ensure that apparel and accessory manufacture and distribution is carried out sustainably. While steps have begun being taken towards a more sustainable future, there are still big leaps to be taken to position the industry from a more forward-thinking perspective. While the spotlight continues to be directed at the biggest establishments, young up-and-coming designers are beginning to take things into their own hands. 

KAAN AMJAD is stood right at the forefront of this movement, committed to delivering high-end, premium apparel with sustainably sourced and produced materials. To protect the environment and its people, the brand has committed to the use of organic fabrics that are both  GOTS certified and Fair-Trade certified, with Autumn/Winter 2019 built using purely organic and recycled materials.

Autumn/Winter 2019 comes as a clear showcase of these values, with a full apparel range that is largely unisex. The idea of luxury essentials is achieved with the delivery of classic loungewear pieces with refitted silhouettes and premium builds; including velour zip-up hoodies and pants in Ocean and Black, alongside a more familiar relaxed-fitting cotton sweatsuit in both Grey and Mocca. While the collection perfectly handles and executes loungewear, premium takes on wardrobe classics with a more tailored edge showcase the designer's technical abilities and keen eyes for detail. Fourteen-pocket constructed using organic British cotton are detail-heavy throughout, with panelling achieving a layered aesthetic with hardware sourced from recycled garments. Taking the top spot as the collection's biggest standout is a recycled Trench Coat that stands as a true testament to the sustainable mission of the brand. Constructed from 100% recycled plastic, the coat has a mixed texture finish and a truly impressive technical build. 

Experience KAAN AMJAD's Fall/Winter 2019 collection for yourself in their nostalgic lookbook below, and head over to their online store to shop the full drop. 

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