Represent welcomes fans even further into their world for an intimate look at the creative processes that pieced together Fall/Winter ‘19.

The launch of Fall/Winter 2019 ushered in a new era for Represent, not only expanding on their impressive apparel lines and bolstering their footwear armoury with the likes of the Terrier, but also stepping up their visual flair with the collection’s campaign treatment. Starring Sonny Hall and Mudi Sama, the otherworldly campaign set a new precedent for the production value and creative outputs for the brand’s marketing, showcasing a serious level of growth from their humble T-shirt printing beginnings. While Represent’s founding sibling duo George and Mike Heaton have provided small insights into the design, sampling, and development processes behind certain product lines such as the Alpha and Terrier footwear silhouettes via their personal Instagrams, this new behind the scenes film offers the most intimate, in-depth look yet into the how much work goes into each season. 

Discussing the FW19 film by Harry Stocks, the Heaton brothers said: “We wanted to make this short film which is really just showing the reality of what goes into creating a collection and a campaign from the inside out rather than seeing a polished final product through an image online. The process and ‘behind the scenes’ gets lost in this current climate of displaying only the end product through social media and the urge to move faster and faster loses the whole development.” 

There is only so much that Instagram and the seasonal product deliveries themselves can tell, making it easy for consumers to forget how much work goes through the arrival of a final product at the design and production levels to distribution and sale. Within the film, we follow the team as they work on footwear, denim, accessories, pattern, and more from design through to production before finally piecing together the collection's campaign. As you’d expect the process spreads across the globe, beginning at Represent’s home in Manchester, across Europe in Milan, Verona, Bologna, and London.

Get comfortable and step behind the scenes with the Represent team with their Fall/Winter 2019 Collection film at the top of the page, and head over to their online store to shop the first delivery of FW19.

All Images via Represent