J.Lindeberg opens the doors to the brand's future with the debut of their Spring/Summer 2020 collection. 

Presented during an intimate event within the walls of their new London showroom, J.Lindeberg looks to the future with the five seasons at their back for the fourth  - of five - chapter of their ‘future.archive’ concept, titled ‘sub.culture’. 

As the title of the collection would suggest, Spring/Summer 2020 looks at the breeding grounds for style that are subcultures, namely the 1960's Mods. Speaking on the direction of the collection, Creative Direction Jens Werner said: “SS20 tells a story of the way certain cultural movements substitute others and how something subversive becomes mainstream, later passé and in the end returning as ”cool” in new subcultures - how cultures within a culture evolve and offshoot into something else. The Mods movement is an interesting representation of this - the attitude and confidence of a few personalities that influenced the style and dress code for decades.” 

As is with subcultures and their evolving styles, there is a range of references littered throughout the collection, with a focus on technical fabrics, reworking of classic shapes, and nods to sportswear throughout. There is a real focus on silhouette from top to bottom, with oversized shapes getting specific attention within the outerwear component of the delivery, but also extending throughout knitwear and tees. 

You can get a closer look at the best pieces J.Lindeberg Spring/Summer 2020 has to offer below, and head over to their site to stay up to date with new releases. 

All Images via J.Lindeberg