Venture to the point ‘where the land meets the water’ with the upcoming collection from T I S L O H D A N B O Y I. 

There is no better time to seek out new small-items baggage options than Summer, with festival and holiday season in full effect. The market is packed to the brim with options of every shape and size, from street level to high-end. If you're lost for ideas of how to keep track of your phone, keys, and everything else currently spilling out of your pockets, then look no further than this teaser for latest drop from Tisloh Danboyi. For his latest product delivery, the young designer was inspired by a flight home from Nigeria. While in the sky he saw how the ocean hit the coastline. This moment of clarity inspired a poem that sits across the blue leather tag - styled after water's hue - that hangs from the first product to drop, a black faux leather side bag. Additional details include brushed aluminium hardware, contrast stitching, and a unique pencil holder. 

The bag serves as a tease and the first drop of the upcoming collection that is set to up the ante with mohair knitwear, 925. Sterling jewellery, and a three-piece t-shirt offering that documents Tisloh's visual experience in Nigeria. 

Feast your eyes on the leather poem bag below, and ready up for its release on June 27th via T I S L O H D A N B O Y I, and follow their Instagram to stay up to date with the release of the full collection. 

All Images via Tisloh Danboyi