50 Cent has no intention of wearing whatever the final version of the latest Yeezy prototype ends up being.

In an Instagram post late Monday, 50—who, as is well-documented, has some years-long history with Kanye West—shared a recent photo of West wearing the minimalism-nodding (and notably laceless) prototype. "Well now I know I'm not a style icon," 50 joked in the caption. "I'm definitely not wearing that shit."

50 continued the mockery in the comments, asking "What in the 'spare some change' type shit is this?" Nick Cannon, D.C. Young Fly, and others also offered up some thoughts. "He fucking with us!!!" Cannon said.

Image via Instagram

The chiding from 50 has seemingly ramped up in the wake of West's MAGA era. Back in February, both 50 and Cam'ron notably shared an entirely fabricated news story complete with a headline about West scoring 106 points against a "wheelchair basketball game," which never actually happened.

50 has also mocked West in recent years for liposuction, his comments on slavery, and those aforementioned Trump missteps. Famously, way back in 2007, both 50 and West appeared together on the cover of Rolling Stone ahead of the release of 50's Curtis and West's Graduation.

"They forget who the real kings of this game were for a second," West, whose album ultimately beat out 50's on release day, said at the time. "And that's the reason why this is the most talked-about release date since 50's first album dropped, since Snoop's first album dropped. People gonna remember this date for the rest of their life."