Listen, young shopper: There will come a time when you must recognize that if you do not break free from the endless cycle of consumerism that has grabbed ahold of you, the consequences will be dire. That the more you give in to the urge to own a piece of the next big thing, the harder it will become to control. That if you don’t pause soon to consider why you choose to fill the emptiness inside of you with new material possessions—instead of looking within your soul for a source of light—by the time you do, it may be too late.

Yes, that time will come—but not today, Satan, because I have a bunch of new stuff to show you from five emerging designers, and you wouldn’t be wrong you if you wanted to buy a piece from them all.

Complex has a long tradition of shining a light on brands to know before they blow up (you’re welcome), but this assortment is particularly strong, since there is truly a little something for everyone. From the next big skate shop brand, to Japanese design innovation and Berlin club kids making waves in Paris, we’ve got you covered.

All kidding aside, these five labels are all in the early days of what, if they continue to play their cards right, just may be the type of upward trajectory that takes them from insider favorites to bonafide must-have-at-all-costs status. And it’s always cool to say you knew about them before everybody else.

So look out below for these five brands to know, but exercise restraint as you fill your shopping cart; after all, you can’t take your worldly possessions with you when you move on to the next spiritual realm.

JK, guys! Go HAM. You only live once, so you may as well look good while you do.