Over the summer, a disturbing video surfaced of ASAP Bari appearing to sexually assault a woman in a hotel room.

Bari, who lost his deal with Nike over the video, said at the time that he was "disappointed in the situation as well as myself," but that "all parties...were friends before this and will remain friends afterwards." 

That last part, at least, doesn't sound like it's still the case given recent developments. The woman, still unidentified, has filed suit against Bari for sexual assault, according to TMZ. The gossip site has gotten a look at legal documents, and says that in them, the woman revealed she "was terrified she would be raped and begged [Bari] to let her go." In addition, the woman says that when the police came, they deleted the video from Bari's phone—a claim that, despite TMZ's skepticism, is very easy to believe given how police frequently treat sexual assault victims.

The lawsuit, which is reportedly for over a million dollars, is being handled by Martin Singer, who himself has come under fire lately for his hardball tactics—often used in the service of men accused of sexual assault.