Curb Your Enthusiasm finally returns this fall after a long and excruciating six-year hiatus. Thankfully, even during the darkest point of the break when it seemed as if Larry David really might not return to grace us with ten more episodes of misanthropic misadventures, we still had 80 episodes worth of excellence to fall back on. And much like Larry's managed to offend just about every race, group and otherwise under the sun, across eight seasons he's also managed to cover almost every category of humor. You'd never know it from the guy who just wears tennis shoes, a shirt and slacks every episode, but fashion plays a big role in some of Curb's most crucial gags, a fact I took as an excuse to rewatch classic episodes so I could make original GIFs of the best moments. In honor of Larry's return, here are ​The Funniest Fashion Moments in Curb Your Enthusiasm. Here's hoping LD gives us ten more options this year.