It's 80 degrees on the last Friday in April in New York City, and mobs of people are lined up at Uniqlo's SoHo store to attempt to buy T-shirts or plush toys from Kaws' second collection with the brand. The collection—Kaws' ongoing work with Peanuts—is releasing at a time where his buzz is at an all-time high. In his 20 plus year career, Kaws has gone from graffiti artist to having installations in museums across the world and releasing some of the most high-profile sneaker and streetwear collaborations of the past decade. This past March, he dropped a pair of the limited-edition, highly-anticipated Air Jordan IVs.

The Uniqlo collection is important for Kaws. It not only proves that he can still sell clothing after shutting down his label, Original Fake, in 2013, it’s also growing his name to a mass audience who may or may not have been fans of streetwear previously. But even with all the hype surrounding everything he’s done lately, Kaws is cool and collected as ever and focused on the next project, whatever it may be.

We had the opportunity to talk to him at Uniqlo’s office in New York City on the day of the release. Kaws discussed the collection, his recently released Air Jordans, and the first time he got paid as an artist.