Samuel Ross would like his bags, and he would like them quickly. It's an early April morning and the 25-year-old founder and creative lead behind A-Cold-Wall—one of the UK's buzziest labels, from one of its most promising young designers—is standing on the floor of the East London factory where his accessories are produced. Although it looks like public parking from the outside, the space houses accessories for fashion industry heavy hitters from Burberry to Victoria Beckham—and now Ross' label—within its walls. The impressive resume is a testament to the talent of the craftspeople who keep it humming, one of whom does not want to work overtime to make up for a missed day during the upcoming Easter holiday.

"If you push me more, I'll be in the hospital," the bag maker says.

Ross offers to pay for his treatment, and the tension that had been gently building quickly dissolves. Another factory employee finally agrees to come in on Saturday to help meet the earlier-than-initially-agreed-upon deadline. The factory floor bursts into applause; Ross offers to buy him his favorite beer.