Who says Canadians are a boring people? Not the crew at Moose Knuckles, that’s for sure. The sportswear brand from up north recently launched its new website, which is as innovative, inviting, and boldly defiant as pretty much everything else the label has done since its inception.

Headed up by new creative director Steph Hoff, MooseKnucklesCanada.com is sure to continue the company’s streak of turning heads. That, and it's also be an incredibly useful platform for consumers, as Hoff explains. “The new homepage will be a place for our irreverent and unexpected brand image to shine,” she says. “You can expect a slick, contemporary interface that is as stylish as our coats.”

The site also boasts several new features, including its “Cock Tails” section, which showcases delicious drink recipes from two innovative bartenders each month. Participants in the series include Eben Freeman, the brains behind NYC’s Genuine Liquorette, as well as the people behind The Blind Barber.

Other features include: a monthly gallery of “Sunshine Girls,” spotlighting some dope pics of digital-age pin-ups like singer Mallory Merk and model Bella Harris; a “tacky” Canadian gift shop where visitors can get everything from bacon-infused syrups and nude playing cards, to books on taxidermy (because why not?); and some hidden “Easter eggs” of sorts that will provide visitors with a titillating and interactive shopping experience.

With a site this provocative, logging on is the only way to truly experience it. So head on over to MooseKnucklesCanada.com to get yourself more than an eyeful.