Stock photos continue to be some of the most awkward images on the internet, but Adobe has decided to put the ridiculous photos to good use by creating a clothing line. 

The creative and marketing services company designed a series of tees and sweatshirts that feature some absurd stock images. Styles include photos like the "mature business man with boxing gloves fighting co-worker" and "laughing woman eating healthy vegetable salad."

The clothing line was launched in honor of Adobe Stock, a new image service that promises to offer photos that aren't so cheesy. The campaign was created by Swedish ad agency Abby Priest. Its goal was to design "a limited-edition clothing line giving a salute to the most infamous stock images creatives love to hate," like the classic "smiling seniors using laptop" and everyone's favorite "man at desk frustrated with technology." Adobe is hoping the apparel acts as a final tribute to those overused images.

Unfortunately, the clothing line is only available to people who are Adobe Stock customers. You can view the entire lookbook here