We all know the typical New York gentrification story: First come the coffee shops, then the weird mustaches and mayonnaise shops, then the shiny glass condos. But for one rapidly changing section of Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood, things are different. Here, it all started with graffiti. Complex explores this story in our new documentary No Free Walls, which centers on the Bushwick Collective, a loose-knit circle of street artists. Founded and curated by Bushwick native Joe Ficalora, the crew’s aim is to turn blank walls around Bushwick into dazzling canvases, painted by top street artists from around the world.

The art has beautified the neighborhood, but it’s also opened the doors to massive change: European tourists soaking up the pieces via guided tours, new residents who just want to be part of it all, and even a massive influx of advertising dollars. Can the community—and the beautiful art it birthed—survive all the change? By helping make the neighborhood a destination, is the Bushwick Collective sowing the seeds of its own demise? While you watch No Free Walls, check out the primer below, an explainer of the key personalities and key art pieces that make Bushwick—and our documentary about it—tick.