Just last week Marc Jacobs started to tease out his upcoming Fall 2016 campaign, which includes the likes of rapper Missy Elliott, actress Sissy Spacek, and models Alley Ertel and Grace Bol. If that star-studded lineup wasn’t enough to satisfy fans, the designer has also revealed the campaign will feature musicians Marilyn Manson and St. Vincent, as well as model-turned-actress (turned model again) Cara Delevingne. 

Similar to previous teasers, Jacobs took to his namesake label's Instagram to share a personal story surrounding each person featured within the campaign, which was shot by acclaimed photographer David Sims. The designer spoke about meeting Marilyn Manson on Halloween and how he loved Manson's 1996 hit "The Beautiful People" and used it for a Fall 2011 runway show. "It was the perfectly twisted companion for that collection which played at a volume that nearly shook the walls down," Jacobs elaborated. "In direct contrast to the outward hideous beauty of Manson’s stage persona is his instinctive, inherent intelligence and understanding of what matters."

Jacobs described how he had been planning on including St. Vincent (real name Annie Clark) in the campaign many seasons ago, and how he is a huge fan of her music and persona. "I was really taken by comments Annie made in an interview with Rolling Stone where she described queerness as a transcendence of sexuality and as a 'banner' for being 'other.' It was thoughtful, relevant and poignant," he recalled. "There’s a certain maturity that’s inherent in Annie that transcends her age and while her music is a direct reflection of her intellectual curiosities and musical prowess."

The last big name announced, for now at least, was Cara Delevingne. Jacobs was clear to let it be known that he chose Delevingne for more than just her gorgeous looks though. "Every once in a blue moon I am fortunate enough to meet a model with a personality so huge it almost overshadows even the strongest of looks—the most dramatic fashion. Watching Cara’s growth and evolution into a dynamic, outspoken, independent woman is a true joy, just as she is herself," said the designer.