There has been a lot of talk over the past couple months about whether or not Cara Delevingne would be ending her modeling career. After the model turned actress shared that leaving the industry might have saved her life and was removed from the roster on her former agency's website, it seemed that her future as a model was clear. But, it looks like she still isn't ready it give up.

In a recent interview for The Hollywood Reporter, Delevingne shut down the rumors by saying that she isn't retiring from modeling, but did clarify that she won't be returning to the runway or to any fashion week presentations. "I’m not stopping modeling, I’m not retiring. I’m just doing film for the time being. Careers change and you develop and get older," she said. "I still have very close relationships with the people I used to work with. Maybe I’ll do fashion sometimes, but at the moment I have no time to do anything.”

Delevingne is slated to appear in six more films, in addition to the recently released Paper Towns. In the interview, she mentions Karl Lagerfeld as one of the supporters of her transition. Lagerfeld featured her in his Chanel short film last year alongside Pharrell Williams.