Just when we all collectively thought Justin Bieber’s shaved head signaled the official end of his ever-changing hairstyles, the Biebz went ahead and threw a curve ball our way. The pop star teased that he had dyed his hair once again, and that fans could download his newly launched Justmoji app to get a first look at the new hairdo. Considering Bieber then posted photos debuting the look a mere hours later on his Instagram, the original tease appeared to just be a ploy to incentivize fans to download his emoji app. 

While the bleached look is one of the mellower hairstyles we've seen from the singer within the past year, some fans on Twitter noticed Bieber now bears an uncanny resemblance to a certain well-known rapper from Detroit: Eminem. The present day Eminem now sports his natural hair color (dark brown), but the rapper famously sported a buzzed bleached head during his The Slim Shady LP era as he first rose to mainstream popularity.  

Some fans even used the resemblance to call for a joint track between the two. 

Who knows how long the Biebz will keep the new look, but hopefully he does long enough that we get a meme or two out of it.