If you've been following menswear at all for the last two years or so, you're familiar with British designer Craig Green. If you've been watching television for the past two months you're definitely aware of the fact that they're making a sequel to Zoolander, appropriately titled Zoolander 2. The long list of publicity stunts in the run-up to the movie, which included a Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson cameo on Saturday Night Live to talk "politics," posing in the window displays at Valentino, and even gracing the cover of Voguewere pretty hard to miss. Well, the two are combining forces it seems.

An Instagram photo from Fashion East shows Will Ferrell, as fashion super villain Mugatu, dressed up in character wearing none other than Craig Green's signature quilted coat while holding his puffed up pooch. I wouldn't exactly classify Green's designs as "derelicte," so perhaps the costume department on Zoolander 2 went a different direction on the trend report this time around. Big ups to Craig, though—​getting your gear into a movie is a pretty big step for a fairly young designer, and hopefully it will spawn a few more fans. But if we're being completely honest, we're just looking forward to the end of this seemingly endless press tour for this movie. Just a few more days to go before we never have to write about Zoolander, unless they make a third one in another 15 years. We wouldn't rule that out either.