JCPenney is the latest target of a Burberry lawsuit over copyright infringement. Earlier today, the British luxury brand filed a complaint with the U.S. District Court in Manhattan that accuses the retailer of selling outerwear and accessories featuring a replication of its iconic check pattern. Burberry has used its trademark check since the 1920s in several color combinations including its signature and very recognizable "House Check" tartan pattern.

"Even though defendants' infringing products are of inferior quality, they appear superficially similar to genuine Burberry products," the suit claims. "Defendants' actions are intended to deceive and mislead consumers into believing that defendants' or their products are authorized, sponsored by or connected to Burberry."

The suit also says that JCPenney continued to sell the infringing products for two months after Burberry had issued complaints. According to Reuters, Burberry is asking that the retailer stop distributing infringements, in addition to up to $2 million for each infringed trademark. The Levy Group, a distributor accused of supplying the merchandise, was also named in the suit.