This just in: Life is a whole lot easier if you're well-connected or share some blood with a famous person. The latest case to get up in arms about: David Beckham's 16-year-old son just shot a campaign for Burberry's BRIT fragrances. While Burberry has solid relationship with the Beckhams—including Brooklyn himself starring in the campaign when he was a toddler—you can hear the cries of "NEPOTISM" from the other side of the world. 

The fact that a 16-year-old with an interest in photography gets a fairly large campaign for an iconic fashion brand probably shouldn't surprise anyone. After all, Brooklyn has 5.9 million Instagram followers that Burberry can leverage to get more eyes on the brand. But that's also part of the problem, isn't it? Fashion brands are so driven by social media and followers, that perfectly qualified and capable photographers get passed over in place of a name for a young celebrity with a larger audience. A few of those capable professional photographers spoke to The Guardian about Brooklyn and the anti-nepotism sentiment was palpable, to the point that it felt like everyone was getting their shots in while they had a chance. Sure, they're ganging up on a 16-year-old celebrity, but that 16-year-old celebrity took their JERBS. So, I get it. 

At the same time, it's not like this is anything new in fashion. Kendall Jenner has been getting modeling gigs off the strength of her last name and family empire, and even Jaden Smith—with his incredible cultural and gender commentary—got ahead at the beginning because of his parents. So it might not be new, but perhaps it's the most egregious example we've seen this side of a Wall Street banker handing billions of dollars to their son who couldn't crack it in the Ivy League. 

Perhaps this is just the future of everyone over 25 nowadays, as younger, better-looking, more popular teenagers take all of our jobs as we fade into irrelevance, broke and hungry. Might as well embrace it. 

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