As a brand, it must be super chill when Adidas approaches you, offers you some money and then tells you to pick a shoe to collaborate on. White Mountaineering and Adidas have been partners for a while now and they typically don't disappoint—except for the high prices. Continuing the connection, the two brands have yet another sneaker coming out. This time, White Mountaineering decided to go with a slightly more undercover Adidas model, the Tobacco, which is kind of like every other Adidas model while also being slightly different. Put this side by side with a Campus '80s and I probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference and neither would you. Nevertheless, these are dope. Especially the white with cream stripes pair, super fucking crispy. You might even be able to pull off calling them "trainers" as an American, they're that good. These are probably going to be, like, $400 but that's all part of the game—spending ridiculous amounts of money on sneakers that look like they should cost $75 is one of life's greatest pleasures.