Occasionally, we are reminded that there is an entire world of individuals that don't spend hours in line on Lafayette on Thursday mornings waiting at Supreme, don't cop fire jawnz on the regular and aren't fully aware of what the major keys to success are. For those individuals and others trying to gain a better understanding of the occasionally ridiculous and nonsensical menswear world, two women's fashion writers at Fashionista put together an unofficial glossary of its frequently used terms. Judging by their choices, they've definitely read Four Pins once. Highlights include, but are not limited to, the following interpretations.

Perhaps a little deeper than the connotation leads on, "cop" is an absolutely vital term:

They seem to be on the pathway to more success by including Khaled. 

It's also important to note that not all jawnz are created equal, but it remains a v important term to the culture:

All praise to the highest deities of the menswear world:

And lastly, the important entrepreneurial endeavor that allows some to make the extra cash and cop the previously mentioned fire jawnz.

All of this comes just in time for anyone attending the second New York Fashion Week: Men's to sound like they've been there before. Good luck out there.