Twitter is love. Twitter is life. The Four Pins Twitter account is neither of those. But it is a straight-up hotbed (or wasteland, depending on how you look at it) for fire tweets and dank memes. There have been some great ones over the years and with the help of Favstar, we have a record of of Four Pins' greatest memes in its long, storied history. But we didn't want to limit this list solely to the joints that caught waves off the timeline. Sometimes the best gems are the ones that for whatever reason didn't put up numbers. They should not be forgotten.

For the sake of convenience, all-star memes and tweets with big stats are at the top of the list while sleeper picks come below. Trying to parse through the ocean of memes wasn't an easy task. So feel free to highlight any joints you think are missing here and maybe they'll get added to the list. Just kidding, we're shutting down this week so it doesn't even matter. Instead @ us on Twitter and we'll do whatever we want with it. 



The series of Tweets that followed will be taught in history books.



































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