On Wednesday, Dec. 9, Jenny Chung Seeger, owner and founder of edgy and minimalist fashion boutique Acrimony hosted Complex and Friends for the second-straight year to an intimate evening in celebration of 2015.

With nearly 50 guests in attendance, the evening began with a brief welcome by Senior Director of Complex Ji Krinsky, followed by Seeger providing an introduction to her unique shop and also giving guests an update on where she see's trends heading into the coming year.

Some trends to watch for in 2016, according to Seeger and her colleague Marcus Leung, are neutral tones, knee and shin-length pants and dresses for women, and all-in-one encompassing pieces for men who like to mix sporty and smart.   

San Francisco isn’t exactly the first place that comes to mind when most people think of style or fashion. Yet, this is perhaps exactly why Seeger decided to open up shop in her home town of S.F. back in 2008.

“How about we start with the name of the store, Acrimony,” Seeger says to me as she begins to explain why she decided to open up her store. It is described as “a bitter distaste for something.” At the time, this was how she felt about the style and fashion scene in S.F. She felt as if something was missing. All the clothes were either in shopping malls or in large-chain retail stores. There weren't enough stores catering to people who didn't necessarily want to wear what everyone else was wearing.

Her stores are a celebration of up-and-coming designers who you haven’t really heard of yet but you should and will hear about in the coming years, with lines ranging from Yeezy, Robert Geller, and Ami to name a few.

Seeger and her colleagues travel extensively to places such as New York, Paris, and even more remote locations such as Scandinavia to garner inspiration and search for unique pieces to showcase in her store.

She’s now expanded and owns two shops, Acrimony in Hayes Valley and a jewelry store, NO.3 in Russian Hill. Both definitely worth the trip and checking out.​

Thanks to the folks at DxO who were also in attendance, you can peek photos captured with their new DxO ONE camera for iPhone here.