Mevyn, the Chicago based boutique, just revamped their website and sent over a new lookbook featuring some fucking dope clothing, out of focus shots and parking structure portraits. One time me and my buddy were going to start a t-shirt brand inspired by skating and Newports. So we went to this parking structure to take some dope-ass moody photographs under the security lights and shit. But instead of actually ending up with a dope lookbook featuring our very pedestrian graphic t-shirt designs, we almost got arrested for trespassing when I fell off my skateboard and directly into the side of a parked car. My own high school coke dreams aside, you guys should check out this editorial, entitled “Simulacra” and then check out the new site and buy something. You should then definitely add “Jon Moy told me to buy this” in the Special Instructions box so I can get, like, a free scarf or graphic t-shirt or something.