Fashion, for the most part, is a young person's game. It helps to be youthful, good-looking and skinny when it comes to keep up with the latest and greatest to head down the runway. But it's also a well-known fact that old people are among the most stylish. It's not easy though, especially considering that as your body ages, it gets more and more decrepit. Well, a couple designers are out there making clothing that is designed to age with you, as well as pieces that cater and adapt to those with certain disabilities. 

This is sort of how maternity clothes for women used to be totally unflattering and baggy until some brands realized that pregnant mothers also like to, you know, look good. There's definitely an untapped market of people whose needs are not being met by the typical fashion brands. IZ Adaptive, for example, puts slight modifications on clothes to make them easier to wear for those who might have trouble with typical clothing—like a biker jacket with the back cut out specifically for people in wheelchairs. Another designer, Lucy Jones, has made sweatshirts with extra padding or zippers in the elbows for those with dexterity problems. While these pieces are aimed at a very specific market, a lot of them can be worn by anyone. It's pretty cool to see how clothing can do more than help you get dressed in the morning and actually solve a problem. Check out the full story at Quartz.