We saw a lot of ugly sweaters this Christmas, but we can't imagine anyone benefited more from jumping on the trend than 2 Chainz. According to Forbes, the rapper's holiday merch made him $2 million. 

2 Chainz put together a 70 person team to fulfill the demand for his Christmas merch this season, which featured the popular "Dabbin Santa" sweater with a screenprinted cartoon Santa Clause dabbing in front of a snowflake pattern. The rapper says that he has been experimenting with different designs over the years, but he decided to go with the dab design since the dance originated in his hometown of Atlanta. 

The insanely successful holiday sweater, which we saw being sported by people like Cam Newton, ultimately helped him give back to his community through his T.R.U. Foundation.   2 Chainz also announced that the will be dropping a clothing line in 2016.