A little over a year ago, Kim Kardashian posed for the cover of Paper that featured the most perfect caption for anyone who's actually followed Kardashian coverage: "Break the Internet." As per usual, it not only birthed a grip of #BreakTheInternet memes and parodies, but it freaked out and pissed off everyone from Grace Jones to Kris Jenner herself.

The last thing we expected would be this fire take on the ugly Christmas sweater craze.

Word is that Renzo Russo, the Italian fashion entrepreneur, recently visited the Paper offices, and instead of his usual attire, rolled up in this fire take on the #BreakTheInternet meme Christmas sweater, complete with Santa squirting milk above his head and into a glass perched on his ass.

If I'm keeping it 💯, I would have opted for Mrs. Claus to balance a champagne glass on her tailfeather, but it's fire all the same. If you're trying to cop, though, this sweater is available for a cool $65 via Tipsy Elves.