If you want to have the freshest crib possible, at some point, between picking out furniture and other interior swag, you’ll need to think about color. The right color combinations for walls, sofas, bedding, cushions, and carpet can make a huge difference in how you feel about where you live, and better yet, how your guests feel about visiting.

Having the right mix of colors also says a lot about your style. Though sometimes full-on renovation is out of the question, with just a little resourcefulness and a basic understanding of color theory, you can take your crib from a 6 to a 10.

So WTF is color theory? Essentially, it’s a lot of information that researchers have gathered about the way we see color and how different color combinations affect us. Color theory can be used by artists working with canvas, just as much as it can be used by everyday people looking to paint their walls a new shade.

Here’s What Guys Should Know About Interior Design: Intro to Room Color Theory.