Hiroshi Fujiwara is a man of many talents. When he's not designing and collaborating under the Fragment Design and Nike-centric HTM banners, he's playing guitar, going fishing, and continuing work with his first label, GOODENOUGH. His latest endeavor is a new online publication, titled Ring of Colour.

A follow up to his Japanese focused editorial and shopping website Honeyee.comRing of Colour hosts conversations and editorials on a variety of topics, from clothing to food, from music to movies.

It's easy to follow what topics are being updated and how often, because the colors attached to each channel's title will reflect the last time that section received a new post. Timing is denoted by the literal rings of color. Best of all, the site has settings in Japanese and English, meaning that you don't have to climb over a language barrier to take in the site's content.

While still in it's earlier stages, there's still plenty to read. Even Fujiwara has contributed a few short pieces himself, discussing sneakers, his collaboration with juice bar The Butcher's Daughter, and the Amy Winehouse documentary, Amy.

Visit Ring of Colour to read more.