Sometimes the world is a pretty big ol' piece of shit. Yesterday, a video hit of a McDonald's drive-thru employee calling over an older homeless man to ask if he wanted a sandwich, only to throw a cup of water in his face. We ain't linking to it, but you know how to use Google. The McDonald's employee has caught a bit of backlash from the incident for, you know, being a huge fucking dickhead, but the guy who posted the video, a rapper who calls himself Skeez, is catching his own heat too as he laughs while recording the incident. So, what is he doing to right his own wrong? Giving out Gucci bags to Detroit's homeless population.

He's since posted a video of him and a friend handing a bag to a homeless man, "blessing them with Gucci" in an effort to redeem himself. From the looks of it, it's highly unlikely there's anything in the bag that might actually help out a homeless person who desperately needs things like clothing, food and water. Overall, it's pretty fucking wack as a shameless attempt to go viral and, as a homeless advocate tells CBS Detroit, shows just how out of touch Skeez is with the situation. Confirmed: Humanity blows.

[Photo via Gucci]