Love 'em or hate 'em, man buns are all the rage right now. But you know what? Man buns aren't really appropriate for every occasion. Maybe it's a pain in the ass waiting for hair to grow out long enough to even make a bun. Or, you know, maybe you want to avoid the possibility of permanent hair loss that comes with manbunism. That's why you gotta invest in a CLIP IN MAN BUN. Thanks to Groupon, these bad boys are on mega sale right now, going for only $9.99 (originally priced at $65.34). That is BASICALLY a steal. This clip in man bun is apparently for "the man who wears many hats, but no buns" and it is very easy to wear. Helpful instructions:

1. Comb your hair back toward the crown of your head, in a similar motion to lacquering a reclaimed-wood coffee table

2. Attach the man bun to your natural hair the way the lay public attached itself to Arcade Fire

3. Use bobby pins to secure the man bun, decide bobby pins are too mainstream, use antique paper clips instead

They emphasize that this man bun is as attachable as it is detachable (no commitment necessary, dudes!), and "lets you blend in with your surroundings, putting it on when you smell fair-trade coffee or hear a banjo, and taking it off when someone utters the word bro." Nice. Seems like a good deal, tbh. Get yours now. (JK, BUY THEM AND BURN THEM ALL.)

Lastly, let's also admire these model photos, which is actually just one model with his hair color changed to demonstrate the versatility of the clip in man bun: