Among the most popular hairstyles for guys around the world in 2015 is the "disconnected undercut." Yeah, I know, that name is fucking terrible. But the short-on-the-sides, long-on-top plus a part joint is popping. Naturally, you'd think that having such a standard issue cut wouldn't cause any problems for anyone. Well, you'd be wrong.

Luke Bolton, a teenager in England, was suspended an entire fucking week for his. Bolton and his "extreme" hair aren't allowed in the classroom and now he has to do all his work alone under the watch of his "head of year" (I'm pretty sure this is just the fancy pants British term for a guidance counselor), riding out a week-long in-school suspension. Of course, he feels singled out because there are other students rocking the same look. Luke's dad responded to the situation sensibly: "The hair cut is a trend, it is cut short on the sides and longer on top – it's what most kids have these days, it is just a standard hair cut."

Apparently, Bolton had literally just gotten his hair cut the weekend before getting hit with the suspension this past Monday. I don't want to play devil's advocate, but we all know that a new haircut needs a couple of days to really settle in. Still though, this just sounds like a balding, jealous teacher really had it out for dude. We'll keep you in our prayers, Luke.

[Photo via Swindon Advertiser]