Guys, I may have found the new love of my shirt life. I know I'm a fickle shirt lover, moving to a new paramour almost every day, but this Snow Peak field pullover, designed by Shunsuke Ishikawa of Markaware, is fucking amazing. THE ENTIRE BOTTOM THE SHIRT IS JUST ONE BIG ASS POCKET! That means you will have to circumnavigate your entire torso in order to make sure you have your wallet and your cellphone and your cigarettes after a particularly long meal. I can't wait to wear mine and take it on a hike to honor Snow Peak's outdoor roots. I will roast only the finest of ganja, enjoy the shit out of a small set of rapids the parks department deemed a "waterfall" and then fixate on the fact that I may be lost on the way back to my car despite being on a well-groomed and marked path, leaving Nature Valley crumbs in my wake.