Diadora is having a hell of a year and it doesn't look like it's going to let the last couple months of 2015 slow 'em down. The next two bangers on deck both drop this Friday, October 23rd, and bring back the V7000 after its been shelved for 25 years. Milan fashion spot Slam Jam put their spin on the model with an all blue joint that takes inspiration from the U.S. Navy. It's even called the "Yvan," which, if you've ever seen The Simpsons, you would understand. The second is a Ronnie Fieg rendition that adds an extra touch of class to the V7000 with leather overlays to create an asymmetrical toe, transforming it into the RF7000. That's a little something called getting your personal brand up. The colorway there draws inspiration from the Italian flag, but softens the tri-colors to a burgundy/off-white/olive. Both models release Friday at 11a.m. EST for $200 each at Kith locations, Slam Jam Milan and their respective websites as well. Gear up.