I'm just as confused as you are on this one. As I scrolled through Twitter this morning, I came across a retweet that showed that Sears, of all places, is selling a series of baseball hats with the word "INFIDEL" on them in both English and Arabic. You can get them in black, tan and army green if you've been looking but just can't find the right conversation starter.

While Sears is selling the hats, it's sort of an Amazon situation. They're actually the work of a third party company called Zeckos stocked and sold through Sears and distributed through Dreamway Trading, which sells all sorts of different knickknacks to the middle-aged women and lawn care-obsessed dads that shop at Sears. Perhaps a decorative statue of two whales suits your fancy, or maybe you need to replace your garden Buddha? Anyway, this is not the best look for Sears, an American department store staple.

Let's be honest, you could totally see some reckless cool teens rocking one of these wildly flagrant joints, couldn't you? I have no doubt that Sears will take these down soon, so if you're really trying to end up on Homeland Security's watch list, I'd cop sooner rather than later.

[Photos via Sears]