We've already gone inside the studio with Rick Owens, but Another Mag really came through with an up close look at Rick's interior design taste. They caught up with the dark lord himself just before his S/S 16 show where he used gymnasts and contortionists and nabbed some quotables. The actual living space of Rick's Parisian home/studio has undergone a bit of a facelift recently. While not all that different from the bare and brutal interior we're used to, there are more animals this time around, specifically: two dogs, a Bengal cat to kill the mice scurrying about and a farm of bees on the roof being tended to by none other than Rick's wife, the sorceress Michele Lamy.

Rick calls it "suburban domesticity," but we're pretty sure he has completely lost touch with what what that even means. Either way, there are some choice stories about his two dogs, E.D. (which stands for "Eating Disorder") the beagle and Heckie the pug, who regularly try to have sex with one another even though they're both male, and how Rick's stepdaughter Scarlett Rouge and her friends were throwing Rick's big black dildo around the pool. Oh right, there's also an interior design discussion too. Take a look at a few of the shots above. My favorite part: the two lavish heads impaled on spikes. Pure fucking class.

[Photos via Another Mag]