I kind of really like the Olympics-inspired gear from Palace. I think it's because when I was younger, my cousin's family was super into cycling. Like, they had a fucking team and everything—dope jerseys, really expensive bikes, click-in bindings, all of it. They're the ones who first introduced me to Adidas Adissage slides, the massaging joints from back in the day. I made my parents buy me a pair because I was going to start road racing too, so they graciously copped 'em for me, but then refused to buy me an expensive ass bike, so I had to race all these kids with super light 10 speeds on a goddamn single speed dirt bike like a fucking chump. Anyways, my cousin went to the Olympic training center in Colorado and brought me back this hoodie that I wore with my slides, like, every goddamn weekend. So every time I see the Olympic logo, I think of my rad cousin and his family. Buy this sweatshirt from Palace and approximate my childhood.