The Norse gawds are really on that "we're going to always have product that you want to buy" tip. That's why they've come through and hit us with one of the top 3 greatest "colors" of all time the impeding seasonal affective disorder you're about to endure with a new all various shades of grey everything "Monochrome" collection. Simple enough, right? The 15-piece capsule has everything you need for fall and don't have enough of already: warm sweaters, heavy flannel pants, wool outerwear and, of course, a fucking felted bucket hat that looks like it has no seams and may have been pulled from the lint trap in your dryer (in a good way we swear). We embrace going grey in all aspects of life—be bland in person, avoid Just For Men at all costs and always wear neutrals. On that note, go give Norse Projects all of your money right now.