Oh shit, LVC just bodied the whole damn game with this fucked up, blanket-lined sac coat. It's got a nice mid-length body, enough distressing and mending to satisfy even the most boro of boro dudes and a price tag high enough for the true snobs in the crowd to remark, "Say Word? 540 pounds for Levi's?" This coat would work well in the non-existent revenge thriller I am definitely never going to write because real writing is way too hard. This is what the most relatable and likeable of the three villains that double-cross me in the beginning of the movie would wear. He'd be really witty and the most averse to violence. Like, at the onset of the betrayal, he'd be all, "We've got the cash and the drugs, let's just go, guys," while his more sadistic partners would just cap me. All of that wouldn't matter in the end thought when I kill him anyway without any sort of explanation.