From rappers like Snoop Doog to Eazy E, a hip-hop artist's hair can become their signature. So, having a tight relationship with your barber is essential.

Kanye West and his barber Ibn Jasper have one of those relationships. For the past 20 years, Jasper has been hooking West up with the freshest cuts from his Fendi Logo to his intricate Keith Haring-inspired cut. 

Now, Jasper is breaking down other iconic hairstyles in hip-hop for Highsnobiety. The barber takes a look at cuts sported by artists like Tupac, Eminem, The Weeknd, and Future. 

Check out some of his comments below. To read the rest of his take on hip-hop hairstyles head over to Highsnobiety.

Ibn praises Tupac's half-moon flattop calling it the Holy Grail of haircuts. "You don’t understand the level of commitment this haircut takes, for the barber and the client. To grow the hair at the top, then chop a spiral slope, then put a part in it, then pick it out and shape it a few times so it doesn’t move… it’s basically architecture. This is a masterpiece of barbering artistry,” he said.

When speaking on A$AP Rocky's braids, he said, “Rocky definitely brought braids back in terms of being fresh on the streets and in fashion. Some people would always try to say you needed to cut your braids to be fresh, but now, Pusha, Travi$ and Rocky are out here killing it and bringing in a new wave.” 

Ibn said of The Weeknd's hair,"This is the 2015 version of O.G. Busta Rhymes hairstyle, but with a party in the back aka a mullet."