We got a small look at the menswear in Balmain x H&M a couple of weeks ago, but with the November 5th release date rapidly approaching, it only makes sense we'd see some more of the collection leak. Today, we get our best look yet, but not in the way you'd think. The Cut spoke to a woman who got a TON of photos of the collection in a sketchy way depending on how you look at it before posting them all to her Instagram.

These dramatically styled shots look pretty legit and contain a mix of men's and women's pieces we've already seen teased. I'd wager they're the actual product shots. Apparently these photos—and there are a lot of them—make up a majority of the collection, but not quite all of it. Oh, it's gaudy alright.

The Chicago-based Kathryn Swartz Rees is the one who found the photos and explained that it wasn't by any next-level hacking or anything, just simple ingenuity:

H&M's site was indexed by Google and I happened to search at the right time using the right parameters. All images were taken from that H&M URL. No surprise, that site is no longer live. A good note to web dev teams working on super hot designer collabs: stay in your sandbox!

With some smart keyword searching, she stumbled upon the photos. Whether it was "unethical" to post them on Instagram for all to see, we'll leave that up for you to decide, not that we really give a shit because this is mostly ass.

[Photos via Instagram/kswartz83]