Just fuck me up, fam. I want to wear this diesel Eidos green Casentino wool double breasted overcoat while I negotiate international deals. What kind of international deals? You're probably thinking to yourself, "Oh geez, here comes another Moy drug yarn." But nah, most likely overseas production relationships for an electronics company I founded shortly after graduating from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. GOTCHA, BITCH! That shit would only serve as a front for an international drug manufacturing and smuggling consortium. The electronics company would become an unsuspected success and soon I'd be juggling Fortune 500 speaking events and deciding the best way to get metric tons of cash into offshore banking accounts. I'd be wearing this Eidos coat in the photograph taken as I was walking into my federal trial fighting conspiracy to manufacture and sell narcotics as well as a few ancillary murder charges. That photograph will become the one used on my Wikipedia page.