Vogue went back into the archives to bring us some photos of Dries Van Noten's "paradise-like garden" in Ringenhof, Belgium and they made the right choice on that one. Now, unfortunately, we can't post them all up for you right here because that would violate a bunch of laws and stuff. But what we do have is this beautiful photo of Dries himself just chilling in his restored gazebo and looking like the totally class human being he surely is. The rest of the slideshow is literally just a glamorous, but tasteful, exploration of the Dries estate. That means a whole lot of flowers and well-treated oak trimmings. They weren't kidding about the whole paradise garden thing. Dries even has two enormous terracotta Tritons because a normal Greek god statue would be too mainstream for him. Take a second, kick off your shoes and just imagine there's a single reason in the entire fucking universe that you'd ever be invited over.

[Photo via Vogue]